Brazilian Blowout – Dangerous Style

Recently, actress Mary-Louise Parker, best known for her role in Fried Green Tomatoes, but more recently starring in the critically acclaimed HBO drama, Weeds, decided she wanted straight hair. Without investigation, without seeking counsel from the many highly-paid hair stylists she must encounter every day on the set of her series, she went to her local salon and received a Brazilian Blowout. Within days she experienced hair loss and told the New York Times Magazine, “don’t do it.” Though hair loss is embarrassing and time-consuming to grow back, the results could’ve been much worse.

What makes the Brazilian Blowout so dangerous? One word, formaldehyde. Formaldehyde (formalin when dissolved in water) is a colorless gas with an odor so strong it can cause eye irritation, breathing problems, coughing and throat irritation. The product is so toxic, it can and HAS lead to blindness and even cancer. It even has its own Occupational Safety and Health Administration “hazard alert.” Now you know it’s bad when OSHA gets involved.   

In salons who offer this poisonous beauty treatment, stylists wear gloves to apply the product and both stylist and customer wear respirators so they can breathe. And it’s not cheap. These toxic blowouts cost hundreds of dollars.

Last week on the CBS daytime show, The Talk, the ladies spoke with resident medical guru, Dr. Raj, who warned about Brazilian Blowout products that are now claiming to be formaldehyde-free. Unfortunately, until the FDA has stricter enforcement of these products, the consumer has no way of knowing for sure. The best way to save your skin, scalp, eyes and even life, is to stay far away from these products.

But Miss Jean. . . I want straight hair and I’m sick of these frizzy curls.” We know! And we can help. And the best part. . . we won’t hurt your scalp OR your wallet.  

This is all you need to get the same results as a Brazilian Blowout. . . the Pre-Soft Tx.

Pre-Soft Tx Kit in a jar

The Pre-Soft Tx (treatment) contains an alkaline mineral that nourishes, softens and prepares the hair for straight styling. There is a misconception that I want to clear up right now. Are you ready? The straightness comes from the STYLING not from the product.  True story.

Glamour magazines and entertainment news shows might be singing the praises of the Brazilian Blowout and we’ve heard it’s even made its way to some local Wichita salons but it’s just not worth it. Straight hair shouldn’t come at such a price and at Jean’s Green, we know it doesn’t have to.

You can find more information about the Pre-Soft Tx and all of our Jean’s Green products here:


2 responses to “Brazilian Blowout – Dangerous Style

  1. Dani M. Stone

    Miss Jean! Love the site. I can’t wait to see what my favorite ladies will be talking about next. 🙂

  2. Lakeisha M Tibbs

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT IT DOES WHAT THEY SAID IT WILL DO!!!! On 6/6/11 I went to Balaro’ Phase II, in Chandler, Arizona. My hair is natural and thick, medium length with some color in it as well. I get a wash and press every two weeks but no chemical relaxer has been put in my hair for like over 3 years now. When any water, moisture, steam or sweat hits my hair it goes POOF immediately!! LOL But I am a believer, my hair is still straight at the roots and so soft still and its 6/9/11. Of course, Ive showered and the steam did not revert my hair back yet, and I shower daily. Its hot and dry here in phoenix in the summer time and espically in the car from the summer heat you sweat while waiting for the car to cool down and the air conditioning to come on but my roots are still straight as if I got a relaxer but I dont……. I hope my beautician stocks this in the shop because by keeping my hair straighter longer, I dont have to do much to it but wrap it up at night between beauty shop visits which would be more healthier for my hair…. I love it… and yes it really do work…. Thank you Ms. Jean for doing the demonstration I am so glad I volunteered…….

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