Yes, we blog, too!

From the moment we discovered our products could not only make people look their best, but  also save them from scalp injury and hair breakage, we’ve been looking for ways to shout it from the roof top. Since we’re afraid of heights, social media has become the next best thing.

Currently we’re shouting on Twitter, we’re shouting on Facebook, we’re shouting from the official Jean’s Green website and now, we’re shoutin from our blog too!

What’s unique about this blog is that it will allow us to tell you in greater detail, why we have such an “epidemic of hair breakage” in this country and how we can help. We won’t always be goin’ on about our products though. We’ll chat about a little bit of everything here.

We want to entertain, educate and enlighten you!

We hope you’ll stop by every now and then to see what we’re talking about. . . OR. . . better yet, look over on the right hand side of our page and subscirbe to this blog so every time we post something new, you’ll be the first to know.

We look forward to your feedback!


Jean Williams – Creator of Jean’s Green


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