Relaxers vs Pre-Soft TX

  If you had the opportunity to see the Chris Rock documentary “Good Hair” you saw the extreme lengths people will go to for the sake of a hairstyle. Chris spoke candidly and often humorously, about the obvious damage relaxers do to our hair and scalp, but he never offered a solution.

For years we have been stuck in tradition, doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. As Dr. Phil would say, “how’s that workin’ out for us?” To achieve different results we must be educated about the products we’re using now and learn why they’re so harmful.

Relaxers are products of hydroxides! Hydroxides come in many forms: sodium, calcium, lithium, potassium and guanidine (Lye). Lye was initially invented to unclog drains, not to apply on our scalps.

Beauty product companies pay big bucks to marketing strategists who help sell their products by making it look appealing to the consumer. Marketing schemes have even capitalized on our ignorance, naming products a specific way to influence our buying habits. For example: no lye relaxers, sensitive scalp relaxers, texturizers, even relaxers for kids. They all still contain some kind of hydroxide in them. Hydroxides dissolve hair!

I might be telling my age, nevertheless, do you remember Neet, Nair, or Magic Shave? What were these products used for? To remove hair. The same is true for relaxers. The common denominator is hydroxide.

We have mistreated our hair for so long. We’ve resorted to wigs, weaves, and synthetic hair. We sew it in or glue it on, and if that doesn’t work, we clip on or draw-string a hairpiece. For something we value so much, look what we’ve done. We’d never eat something we knew was poisonous or rub toxic chemicals on our skin, so why do we lower our standards when it comes to our hair?

The solution is The Pre-Soft Tx (treatment)    

This is an innovative formula and when we say there is not another like it in the world, we’re not exaggerating. Alkaline mineral, amino acid-based, this treatment softens, refines, texturizers, and smoothes cuticles, producing longer, stronger and healthier hair without the use of hydroxides.

The most frequently asked question we receive about the Pre-Soft Tx is: What makes the hair straight? The answer: Nothing. The Pre-Soft Tx softens the cuticle making the hair more manageable.

After using the Pre-Soft Tx you CAN achieve a straight hair style without the harsh effects of chemicals.

Straight hair doesn’t come from the jar. NO. It comes from the HEAT! The Pre-Soft Tx application achieves the same result as a relaxer, but the difference is the technology. Simply put, it does not dissolve hair.

Before and After! Seeing is believing!

Before Pre-Soft Tx and styling

After - Gorgeous! Straight. Healthy hair!







Forget about the limits you thought you had in the past. Now you DO have a choice. Natural or chemical. For the sake of your hair and scalp, we hope you choose natural with Jean’s Green.

Please visit our website today to learn more about the Pre-Soft Tx and the entire line of Jean’s Green products. Be sure to click the “Available At” tab to find a retailer near you. Or, you can always order online.

Special: Purchase the Pre-Soft Tx and receive a 2 oz item FREE.

Do you have questions about your particular hair type or want detailed information about our products? Please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

No Lie (Lye) ~ It Works!

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