What IS Good Hair

When parents have two children with two different textures of hair they might say one has “good hair” and the other has “bad hair.” But what really constitutes “good hair?”

The true definition of “good hair” is any hair that is on your head! Hair that is on the floor, in your sink, or in your brush/comb is “bad hair.” The question should be “how healthy is your hair”?

For as many ethnic groups as there are; there are many types and textures of hair. You can have thick, thin, curly, straight, long, short, kinky or wavy, whatever the preference. The biggest problem seems to be the least concern to people, DRYNESS!

No matter what color, race, creed, education level or financial status, dryness is the culprit. Dryness is caused by the elements of heat and humidity, lack of knowledge, or hairstyle practices. Dryness is the hindrance to hair growth. I often ask the question, “what is the opposite of dry”? Wet. “What is the opposite of wet“? Dry. You would be amazed how many people respond with, oily.

Let’s use a plant for example. When a plant is dry we give it WATER not OIL. Oil is used for frying food. We must water plants to keep them alive or ultimately they will die. The plant is eventually going to dry up, get brittle and break off. The same is true for our hair. Hair needs water for hydration and oil for softness but NOT oils with petrolatum jellies or petroleum.

In the Jean’s Green line there is a product called Thermo Creme. It is a hair dress you use instead of grease. This innovative water-soluble oil is a non-greasy solid substance that provides a shield for both heat and water. It seals the cuticle, water-proofs it prevents reverting and adds a light sheen while keeping hair manageable. This product does not weigh hair down due to its light consistency. Thermo Creme molecules are small enough to penetrate into your scalp for hydration and the oil is present to create the softness you need for body and hair movement.

Another product in the Jean’s Green line you can use to combat dryness is the Satin Conditioner. We suggest you use the Satin Conditioner as a leave-in. It should be applied nightly to the hair from scalp to the ends and wrap your hair in a silk/satin scarf or sleep on a satin pillow case. While you sleep, the hydrating properties moisturize your hair.

When you begin using our products, you will notice healthier hair, stronger hair and when you look in the mirror there will be no doubt, you have GOOD hair.

No Lie (Lye) ~ It Works!

Please visit our website today to learn more about Thermo Creme, Satin Conditioner and the entire line of Jean’s Green products. Be sure to click the “Available At” tab to find a retailer near you. Or, you can always order online.  http://www.jeans-green.com/index.php?p=home

Do you have questions about your particular hair type or want detailed information about our products? Please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.  Email: info@jeans-green.com

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