About Jean Williams

Jean Williams has been a licensed cosmetologist for 29 years. She was born in Wichita, Kansas and raised in Hutchinson, Kansas. Jean is what they call an “ole” school hair dresser. She specializes in hair health and “pressing” of the hair.

Jean gives God the glory for her success. She says Favor Beauty Salon & Supply is neither coincidental nor chance; it’s all providential.

 Following in Madam C.J. Walker’s footsteps, Jean continues to provide her services, products, and expertise to the following cities: Hutchinson, KS; Larned, KS; Dodge City, KS; Great Bend, KS; Salina, KS; Sterling, KS; and McPherson, KS. Going to these different cites on a regular basis is Jean’s passion. She shares her knowledge, wisdom, and equips her clients on how to care for, enhance, and groom their hair.

 Over the years, Jean has seen hair breakage, damage, loss, and other alopecia problems. These problems and the pressures they created in peoples’ lives grieved her. Jean enrolled in classes to become a Trichologist. Trichologists study the health of hair and scalp.

Today, when people come to her with questions and concerns about their hair, Jean has the knowledge — and some old-fashioned wisdom — on how to accommodate them. Understanding the root of the situation is what she specializes in, if you don’t have any hair, let alone healthy hair; we as trichologist, cosmetologist, barbers, or stylist wouldn’t have a job in this multi-million dollar industry of ours!


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