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Loving Day – A Celebration

On June 12th, our nation celebrates the 44-year anniversary of a landmark case, Loving vs. Virginia, the day interracial marriage was finally legalized in all fifty states. A celebration of the aptly titled Loving Day will be held at this Saturday June 11th at Hyde Park Shelter from 12:00 – 4:00.

 “They just were in love with one another and wanted the right to live together as husband and wife in Virginia without any interference.” – Bernard Cohen ACLU attorney

 In 1958, young couple Richard Loving (a Caucasian man) and his longtime love Mildred (African-American/Native American) left their home in Virginia and traveled to Washington, D.C. to get married (where interracial marriage was legal). When they returned home to celebrate with family and friends, they were arrested. To avoid their one-year jail sentence they agreed to leave the state and never return. Their sadness about leaving family and desire to raise their children in any state they chose without ridicule, prompted them to contact ACLU attorney, Bernard Cohen. The case moved all the way to the Supreme Court where after years of fighting, the decision was finally overturned, breaking yet another important segregation barrier.

 On Loving Day we celebrate the court decision but more than that, we celebrate people like the Lovings who stood up and showed the nation that men and women should be judged only by their content of character and not by their color.

 We’re excited to participate in the second annual Loving Day Celebration in Wichita. Jeans Green will be there to say hello and also answer any questions that parents/guardians may have about hair care, particularly interracial hair. We receive questions all the time from mothers who are not African-American but through interracial relationships, adoption or foster parenting, are now trying to care for a hair type they’re unfamiliar with. On Loving Day we’ll be happy to provide free styling advice, maintenance tips and dispel some of the myths that mothers may have heard such as, “put some grease on it.” Please don’t do that, because there is a better way and we’d love to show you.   

We hope to see you at Hyde Shelter on Saturday June 11, for fellowship and live music. Food will be provided by the Delano baker and catered by Doci and Joes. 

Please visit Loving Day Wichita for more details.


Brazilian Blowout – Dangerous Style

Recently, actress Mary-Louise Parker, best known for her role in Fried Green Tomatoes, but more recently starring in the critically acclaimed HBO drama, Weeds, decided she wanted straight hair. Without investigation, without seeking counsel from the many highly-paid hair stylists she must encounter every day on the set of her series, she went to her local salon and received a Brazilian Blowout. Within days she experienced hair loss and told the New York Times Magazine, “don’t do it.” Though hair loss is embarrassing and time-consuming to grow back, the results could’ve been much worse.

What makes the Brazilian Blowout so dangerous? One word, formaldehyde. Formaldehyde (formalin when dissolved in water) is a colorless gas with an odor so strong it can cause eye irritation, breathing problems, coughing and throat irritation. The product is so toxic, it can and HAS lead to blindness and even cancer. It even has its own Occupational Safety and Health Administration “hazard alert.” Now you know it’s bad when OSHA gets involved.   

In salons who offer this poisonous beauty treatment, stylists wear gloves to apply the product and both stylist and customer wear respirators so they can breathe. And it’s not cheap. These toxic blowouts cost hundreds of dollars.

Last week on the CBS daytime show, The Talk, the ladies spoke with resident medical guru, Dr. Raj, who warned about Brazilian Blowout products that are now claiming to be formaldehyde-free. Unfortunately, until the FDA has stricter enforcement of these products, the consumer has no way of knowing for sure. The best way to save your skin, scalp, eyes and even life, is to stay far away from these products.

But Miss Jean. . . I want straight hair and I’m sick of these frizzy curls.” We know! And we can help. And the best part. . . we won’t hurt your scalp OR your wallet.  

This is all you need to get the same results as a Brazilian Blowout. . . the Pre-Soft Tx.

Pre-Soft Tx Kit in a jar

The Pre-Soft Tx (treatment) contains an alkaline mineral that nourishes, softens and prepares the hair for straight styling. There is a misconception that I want to clear up right now. Are you ready? The straightness comes from the STYLING not from the product.  True story.

Glamour magazines and entertainment news shows might be singing the praises of the Brazilian Blowout and we’ve heard it’s even made its way to some local Wichita salons but it’s just not worth it. Straight hair shouldn’t come at such a price and at Jean’s Green, we know it doesn’t have to.

You can find more information about the Pre-Soft Tx and all of our Jean’s Green products here:

Yes, we blog, too!

From the moment we discovered our products could not only make people look their best, but  also save them from scalp injury and hair breakage, we’ve been looking for ways to shout it from the roof top. Since we’re afraid of heights, social media has become the next best thing.

Currently we’re shouting on Twitter, we’re shouting on Facebook, we’re shouting from the official Jean’s Green website and now, we’re shoutin from our blog too!

What’s unique about this blog is that it will allow us to tell you in greater detail, why we have such an “epidemic of hair breakage” in this country and how we can help. We won’t always be goin’ on about our products though. We’ll chat about a little bit of everything here.

We want to entertain, educate and enlighten you!

We hope you’ll stop by every now and then to see what we’re talking about. . . OR. . . better yet, look over on the right hand side of our page and subscirbe to this blog so every time we post something new, you’ll be the first to know.

We look forward to your feedback!


Jean Williams – Creator of Jean’s Green

No Lye! It Works!

About Jean’s Green

This product will produce longer, stronger, and healthier hair without the use of guanidine, sodium, calcium, potassium, or lithium hydroxides (lye). Jean’s Green knows no gender nor ethnicity. It is made from 100% natural alkaline mineral & amino acids. Use only if you want healthier hair. No Lie (Lye) ~ It Works!

Jean’s Green Products Contain
No Hydroxides:

Lye Free Hair Care & Relaxer Alternative

  • No Guanidine
  • No Sodium
  • No Calcium
  • No Potassium
  • No Lithium