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A Walk by Faith Leads to the Favor Mall

Two years ago we launched the Jean’s Green product line. When the 2-year anniversary rolled around last week, we celebrated with smiles and congratulations from clients but it is where we celebrated that made the day even sweeter, the new Favor Mall.

The Favor Mall 2525 W. 13th
Wichita, Kansas

Located at 2525 W. 13th street, the Favor Mall is the new home for the Jean’s Green product line and the Favor Beauty Salon. Opening the door to clients on that day was another dream realized, another prayer answered, another walk with an open heart and a clear embrace of faith.

So that you can truly understand how thankful we are to be opening the Favor Mall, you need to know how divinely it came in to our lives. In October 2011, Jean’s Green business manager, LaVonnda McCabe noticed a building for sale/lease sign. Upon previewing the building she saw the potential to showcase Miss Jean’s skills in the Favor Beauty Salon, give the Jean’s Green product a permanent home and allow space for other beauty professionals to join them. When she learned the building would be auctioned the following Saturday, she was interested but financially unprepared for a commitment of that size.

On the day of the auction, after prior meetings and appointments had fallen through, LaVonnda suddenly found herself with time on her hands. Her thoughts turned toward the building again and she began to pray.

Walking by faith she decided to go to the auction and when she arrived, she was spotted by a gentleman who knew her only as, “Coach LA.” She had previously coached his son on her basketball team but hadn’t seen him in 2 years. When they were interrupted by a phone call, LaVonnda began to walk around the building praying, “Lord you have to show yourself here in this place. Show yourself STRONG.”

When the man returned they each shared their desires for the building. LaVonnda wanted a salon and spa, the man had his eye on the parking lot since he owned a neighboring business. Bidding began and quickly three men were vying for the prize. Then the bidding was down to two. LaVonnda stood there quietly taking in the experience with lip balm in one pocket, an empty wallet in the other, and a heart overflowing with faith.

The auction ended and the man she’d been talking to won the bid. He immediately approached LaVonnda where they exchanged formal introductions and he asked her again to describe the plan she envisioned for the building. LaVonnda doesn’t miss an opportunity to sing the praises of Jean’s Green. In that parking lot on that day, she sang, telling the man about the visions she and Jean had talked about all those years including a space for Jean’s clients, other cosmetologists, a nail technician, a barber, a class room and even a spa.

When she was finished, the man looked at her and said with conviction, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll lease you the building at a price you can afford. You have my WORD.” To this LaVonnda immediately replied, “Well then you can park anywhere you want.”

The gentleman, the very gentle-man held steadfast to his word and now Jean’s Green has a home in the Favor Mall. We will be forever thankful and humbled by the generosity he showed us. He “paid it forward” and we will too.

To God be the glory!

Now, we want you to come see what we’ve done! Stop by the new Favor Mall at 2525 W. 13th street. Take a tour, say hi and if you’re currently a cosmetologist, nail tech, barber or massage therapist who’s been looking for a new place to take care of your clients, talk to us.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20


Truth About Braids

 I remember as a child all the little girls in the neighborhood wore braids. I also remember they were easy to take care of and fashionable. Sure they were time-consuming to have done, but a time-saver in the morning because you didn’t have to do anything to them to get ready. Now that I have learned more about the health of my hair, it worries me to see the extremes we put our hair through for a particular style.

I often wonder why so many people are wearing braids. It’s not just a cute style for little girls anymore. Now it’s women, boys, and men too. Is it because of convenience, laziness, health issues, or hair issues?

I can understand braiding your hair if you are resting the hair shaft from every day wear and tear or chemical usage. However, once the hair is combined with yaky, facky, or tacky (synthetic hair) your hair is going to suffocate. The weight of one synthetic hair is 5 times the weight of an average human hair strand. In addition, the human hair strand has very little cuticle strength due to the harsh relaxer process. This additional weight on the hair strand puts too much pressure on the hair follicle. Synthetic hair does not twist or bend like curly hair does. This causes the hair to break or to be completely pulled out of the follicle. This is why many women have a balding hairline. Braiding, natural or even processed hair alone without added synthetic hair is not harmful but healthy for the scalp and hair. The only exception to this is when the hair is braided too tight for too long, which can result in hair loss due to traction alopecia.

Traction alopecia occurs when the constant weight on the root (either by braiding too tight or using synthetic hair) inhibits the hair’s natural turning process as it grows out of the follicle womb. When hair is not allowed to naturally turn and twist from the root, it causes stress, rupturing the bulb and creating muscle weakness.

Damage to scalp resulting from braids

Damage to scalp resulting from braids

During the 60’s and 70’s, Black Americans wore braids and experienced a rapid growth rate and healthy hair and scalp. Black men including sports figures and celebrities find it masculine and a statement of Black culture to braid their hair. Once it is cleansed and re-braided the hair is longer and healthy. However, box braids and extensions with synthetic hair braided into the natural fiber or relaxed hair doesn’t allow the cuticle to breath or twist. Once unbraided, the hairs that would normally fall out will and should, but hairs in their resting phase (telogen) binding tightly over a period of two to three months, dehydrates and sheds prematurely.

This leads me to a curious question. Why do we talk our daughters into this practice and not boys? Boys are allowed the opportunity to have the natural process of braiding and natural hair growth. The boy’s hair growth surpasses the girls hair growth to Kanekalon (plastic) or foreign synthetic hair that does not promote hair growth. Oxygen needs to get to the cuticle and the follicles need the weight to normalize for healthy hair growth. The synthetic hair prohibits oxygen from entering the cuticle.

Give your hair a healthy break by trying to braid without synthetics.

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