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A Walk by Faith Leads to the Favor Mall

Two years ago we launched the Jean’s Green product line. When the 2-year anniversary rolled around last week, we celebrated with smiles and congratulations from clients but it is where we celebrated that made the day even sweeter, the new Favor Mall.

The Favor Mall 2525 W. 13th
Wichita, Kansas

Located at 2525 W. 13th street, the Favor Mall is the new home for the Jean’s Green product line and the Favor Beauty Salon. Opening the door to clients on that day was another dream realized, another prayer answered, another walk with an open heart and a clear embrace of faith.

So that you can truly understand how thankful we are to be opening the Favor Mall, you need to know how divinely it came in to our lives. In October 2011, Jean’s Green business manager, LaVonnda McCabe noticed a building for sale/lease sign. Upon previewing the building she saw the potential to showcase Miss Jean’s skills in the Favor Beauty Salon, give the Jean’s Green product a permanent home and allow space for other beauty professionals to join them. When she learned the building would be auctioned the following Saturday, she was interested but financially unprepared for a commitment of that size.

On the day of the auction, after prior meetings and appointments had fallen through, LaVonnda suddenly found herself with time on her hands. Her thoughts turned toward the building again and she began to pray.

Walking by faith she decided to go to the auction and when she arrived, she was spotted by a gentleman who knew her only as, “Coach LA.” She had previously coached his son on her basketball team but hadn’t seen him in 2 years. When they were interrupted by a phone call, LaVonnda began to walk around the building praying, “Lord you have to show yourself here in this place. Show yourself STRONG.”

When the man returned they each shared their desires for the building. LaVonnda wanted a salon and spa, the man had his eye on the parking lot since he owned a neighboring business. Bidding began and quickly three men were vying for the prize. Then the bidding was down to two. LaVonnda stood there quietly taking in the experience with lip balm in one pocket, an empty wallet in the other, and a heart overflowing with faith.

The auction ended and the man she’d been talking to won the bid. He immediately approached LaVonnda where they exchanged formal introductions and he asked her again to describe the plan she envisioned for the building. LaVonnda doesn’t miss an opportunity to sing the praises of Jean’s Green. In that parking lot on that day, she sang, telling the man about the visions she and Jean had talked about all those years including a space for Jean’s clients, other cosmetologists, a nail technician, a barber, a class room and even a spa.

When she was finished, the man looked at her and said with conviction, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll lease you the building at a price you can afford. You have my WORD.” To this LaVonnda immediately replied, “Well then you can park anywhere you want.”

The gentleman, the very gentle-man held steadfast to his word and now Jean’s Green has a home in the Favor Mall. We will be forever thankful and humbled by the generosity he showed us. He “paid it forward” and we will too.

To God be the glory!

Now, we want you to come see what we’ve done! Stop by the new Favor Mall at 2525 W. 13th street. Take a tour, say hi and if you’re currently a cosmetologist, nail tech, barber or massage therapist who’s been looking for a new place to take care of your clients, talk to us.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of our slogan? “No Lie (Lye) ~ It Works!”

Answer: Lie = We are telling you the truth based on scientific fact, experience, and as always, common sense. It also means why not the truth? We’ve lived this “lie” long enough through myths, traditions, and sometimes just what we think will work.

Lye = There are absolutely NO hydroxides (lye) in any of the products. With the truth we’ve gained, we know we no longer want anyone to use these harsh chemicals, because of the damage they produce.

It Works = That’s it! We have many testimonies telling us just that. I see it daily. The users tell family and friends how their hair has changed. It works because we no longer have to sacrifice the health of our hair and scalp for a hairstyle.

2. What is the Pre-Soft Tx (Treatment)?

Answer: The Pre-Soft Tx is an all-natural softening treatment. It makes the hair soft and more manageable to work with. We need something to open or raise the cuticle layer of the hair so it can receive the nutrients necessary for healthy hair. This is what the alkaline mineral, called the Pre-Soft Tx does, the other ingredients deposit oils for softness and amino acids, which are the necessary building blocks for healthy hair.

The Pre-Soft Tx is NOT a “straightener” or a relaxer, it is just what it is titled, “Softener” When your hair is soft it is less likely to break. The Ph is 11.28, so the level must be lowered by the C-7 ShampHoo which is 3.5 acid ph. Only the C-7 ShampHoo can be used, not a neutralizing shampoo from relaxer kits or other relaxers.

3. How often do you apply the Pre-Soft Tx?

Answer: The Pre-Soft Tx is only applied when you have new growth. This is the hair that needs softening.

4. How long do you wait to apply color?

Answer: Temporary color , semi-permanent color and colors mixed with 10-volume developer, immediately. With colors using 20-volume developer, use caution if there is ammonia. With ammonia-free hair colors you can color immediately or same day. Use caution with hi-lift colors, high lightening or bleaching.

5. What brand of hair color do you recommend with Jean’s Green?

Answer: I use Chi by Farouk Systems. These products are totally ammonia-free.

6. At what age can you begin to use the Pre-Soft Tx on a child?

Answer: The earliest you should apply the Pre-Soft Tx on a child is 2 years of age.

7. What type of hair can the Pre-Soft Tx be applied to?

Answer: The Pre-Soft Tx can be applied to any and all types of hair.

8. What products in the Jean’s Green line combat dryness?

Answer: All of the products in the line combat dryness. No matter what race, color, creed you are, the biggest problem we all have with our hair is dryness. Dryness leads to breakage.

9. What is in the Jean’s Green line for those who think they have to have a relaxer? 

Answer: The Satin Relaxer!! There are absolutely No hydroxides in this product either. Instead of changing from one brand to another, we decided to change the chemical. This propriety blend can only be used by a licensed cosmetologist. The Satin Relaxer will not dissolve the hair like traditional relaxers.

10. Do you want to know what a mystery is?

Answer: A mystery is a Kingdom secret that gives you mastery over your circumstances. God has given us the secret to a mystery which is, why are we having so much hair loss and damage? Jean’s Green has mastered the damaged hair and scalp epidemic associated with kinky, curly, and overly curly hair, due to the application of relaxers that contain chemicals titled hydroxides; sodium (lye) and calcium, lithium, potassium, and guanidine (no lye) relaxers.

Blessings In Arizona

Sometimes we have more to say than Twitter and Facebook will allow. Often our heart is full of so much joy it’s impossible to explain in a mere 140 characters. This is one of those times. We’re going to need a few more paragraphs to tell you about all the goodness we found recently in Arizona.

Jean, Vanissa Young - Owner Get Sassy Beauty Supply, LaVonnda

 Who schedules a trip to steamy Arizona in the summertime? We did! And for good reason. We were excited to launch the Jean’s Green line at the Get Sassy Beauty Supply store in Chandler. We knew we would be spending the day at Get Sassy, visiting with customers, answering questions and demonstrating the product. What we didn’t know was just how welcome we’d be and how many wonderful people would make a lasting impression on us.

 During the six days we spent in the great southwest, we launched our product, spent time with family, visited a beauty school to perform a demonstration and then did four more demos at beauty salons across the state, including one within an hour of stepping off the plane. We don’t mess around.

 One of our most memorable days occurred when we gave a training class at Empire Beauty School in Chandler. It reminded us once again why we travel and why we’re committed to speaking with the public about our product. Our company vision isn’t about stocking jars and making money, it’s about education. We can’t shout it loud enough, “there is a better way, we have it and we want to share it with you.”

Adrienne Goudeau - Clinic Team Leader Empire Beauty School, Miss Jean and LaVonnda

 There is a great feeling that comes from walking away from a beauty school and know in our hearts we’ve touched lives and changed minds. The students at Empire Beauty were kind and receptive to what we had to say. We know wherever their career paths take them, now they’re armed with a base knowledge about how to straighten hair naturally. As always, our hope is that they will spread the word and hopefully change the mind of a skeptic because they can say, “I saw it with my own eyes.” An empowered student with knowledge of a better way. . . it’s a beautiful thing.

 We want to extend our sincere gratitude to the people of Arizona for welcoming Jean’s Green in to their community. We were humbled by your kindness and blessed by the connections and friendships we made while we were there. We can’t wait to come back.

 We met so many amazing people and want to thank a few of them by name including Vanissa Young with Get Sassy Beauty Supply store, Tammi Herrion at Z Spot Salon, Tamika McDonald at Balaros Hair Salon, Shani Wilson at Nappy By Nature, Empire Beauty School, Samaj James and Dr. V.A. Joseph who was kind enough to feature us on his Live 2 Produce radio show yesterday.    

Miss Jean with Dr. V.A. Joseph - Live 2 Produce talk radio

 Thank you, Arizona! For letting us show you what we do, and supporting us!